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Introduction Portable IWB  whiteboard is a set of advanced man-machine interactive equipment developed aiming at
the demand and status quo of the electronic whiteboard market. It can be applied to various whiteboards,
blackboards or smooth planes, change them into large touch screens with writing and touch functions which
can be widely applied to fields of education, conference and military command. When being used together
with computers, projectors or rear-projection, it can realize dust-free writing, arbitrary comment and other
functions. With internet connection, its remote communication function can realize interactive remote
conference, remote teaching system, remote consultation and other applications. In fields of multi-media
interactive teaching, product demonstration, technical training, medical consultation, military commands and
various conferences, NTS electronic whiteboard IWB  is playing a very important role.
By connecting the electronic whiteboard to a computer and using a projector to display the contents of
the computer’s screen on the electronic whiteboard, the following functions can be realized:
a. mouse simulation function
most hard and smooth plane can be turned into man-machine interactive interfaces of operable
b. writing function
different pens (highlight pen, laser pen, etc.) can be used to write on the software interface, the written
content can be saved, printed and replayed and the function of recognizing handwriting can be realized;
c. multimedia support function
multimedia such as video, image and flash are supported.
Highlight Features
1. Compared with the existing electronic whiteboards based on electromagnetic induction, pressure
sensitivity, resistive film and other principles, WB4700 electronic whiteboard is characterized by flexibility,
smart, portability and etc.
a. small shape like a remote control;
b. portable and less weight;
c. easy set-up: personnel with basic computer skills can install it after simple training.
2. Compared with the existing electronic whiteboard based on ultrasonic and infrared ray positioning
technique, NTS-WB4700 interactive whiteboard makes a great progress in ultrasonic and infrared ray
positioning algorithm.
a. No flying spot, no deformation and no time delay;
b. More accurate positioning, higher resolution and wider working range can be achieved;
c. A smart stylus pen can replace the mouse to control the operations of any programs of the computer;
d. The smart stylus pen can act as a pen to write on the electronic whiteboard directly and the written
contents can be saved or replayed;
e. Any operating interface of the computer, such as pages of office/ website/ video/ program, can be directly
marked, written and painted;
f. The NTS-WB4700 electronic whiteboard has such auxiliary functions as screen shooting, screen
shielding, highlighting, keyboard entry, handwriting recognition, etc;
g. The attached videotaping assistant software can videotape the board writing process and sound in
standard avi format and generate video courseware rapidly;
h. The electronic pen has the hovering function and can simulate the sliding operation of a mouse.